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New Life Cryotherapy and Regen offers several different wellness modalities to assist the body in the healing process and create a sense of Homeostasis or state of balance and optimal functioning. We start with Whole Body Cryotherapy, which is the use of extreme cold dry air to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation. We also offer the latest technology in Near Infrared light therapy or PhotoBioModulation, which aids in the repair and regenerative process at the cellular level. Followed by BEMER therapy to increase microcirculation and NanoVi technology to aid in the reduction of oxidative stress in the body. When New Life members utilize many or all of these effective and scientifically proven therapies, they experience profound relief and rejuvenation. Recovery and relief from injuries, training and health issues are accelerated and become a reality, free of pharmaceuticals and their potentially harmful side effects. Subsequently, the body begins to repair, regenerate and function better from inside out.


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The Best Whole Body Therapy Experience

Individual experiences at New Life will differ from person to person. Nevertheless, almost everyone arriving with various aches and pains and other health and wellness concerns share that they feel some immediate relief from pain and stiffness. Whole Body Cryotherapy has become increasingly popular among athletes of all ages, fitness enthusiasts, beauty and wellness devotees, and chronic pain and auto-immune sufferers.

Cryotherapy Benefits & Features

  • Health and Fitness Benefits
  • Beauty and Wellness Benefits
  • Non-Invasive and Drug-Free
  • Highest Safety Standards

  • Fast and Efficient

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