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New Life Cryotherapy and Regen answers some of the most frequently asked questions about cryotherapy.

New Life Cryotherapy and Regen offers safe, non-invasive and effective therapies at our center but we understand you may have questions or concerns. Find below the most commonly asked questions regarding all our therapy services. If you don’t find your question on the list, please feel free to contact us at 949-534-CRYO (2796) or

Absolutely, you are only exposed to the cold air for 3 minutes, and the nitrogen gas is an inert, non-toxic, safe gas. Over 70% of what we breath is nitrogen but be assured you will only be breathing room air, as your head and neck are sticking out of the cryosauna. Your hands and feet are protected by the gloves and booties we provide for you, and we will only go as cold as you are comfortable with during your first visit.

Only 3 minutes.

Studies show that much like a hot jacuzzi, it’s best that you don’t expose yourself to extreme cold until you are at least 14 years of age.  A parent’s consent is needed for those under 18.

Since 1978 and it was developed in Japan to help fight inflammation related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is now used by anyone suffering from an auto-immune disease, aches, and pains, whether exercise or injury induced.

There are so many benefits of WBC. First, it helps to lower inflammation and pain, while increasing energy, focus, mental acuity and range of motion. It’s great for skin conditions, sleep apnea, joint impingements, and weight loss to name a few.

Yes, the door is held closed with a magnet and you can leave at any time.

Men should bring a pair of shorts or simply underwear. Women can do the same but do not actually need to wear anything. We will provide you with protection for your hands and feet.  Also, make sure your skin is dry from lotions and oils for at least 2 hours before coming.

No, not really. The skin may sting a little at the end, much like it would with a bag of ice on it or on a freezing cold day.  Remember, this is dry air which is nothing like an ice bath or wet ice bag. Because you are completely dry, once you step out any discomfort vanishes almost instantly.

Most feel great after a couple of minutes, but everyone is different. The benefits of lower inflammation take time, and several sessions are recommended if you are suffering from pain associated with inflammation or injury. Most report having more energy and better sleep as well.

Yes, your neck and head stick out of the cryosauna, and you can leave anytime you like.  The door never locks.

No. We take several precautions, and you are in safe hands.

Everyone is different so that is something we cannot know. We recommend several sessions in a short period in the beginning, and this is why we have a discounted package deal for new clients.

Anyone suffering from inflammation, pain, injury or an auto-immune disease.  Athletes who suffer from training and competition. Lowering inflammation is literally good for anyone as inflammation is the key driver to the aging and disease process.

Those who have “uncontrolled” high blood pressure, recent heart attacks, arrhythmia, cold allergies, open wounds, and pregnancy should not do WBC.

Not really. Removing inflammation is always a good thing whenever you choose to do it. Some like cryotherapy before workouts and some like it afterward.  As they say…” just do it.” 

That is something everyone will have to figure out for themselves.  You should do several sessions at the beginning to systemically lower your inflammation to a tolerable point. After that, you can manage your pain or discomfort level with regular sessions periodically.

The ATP light bed is nice and warm.  Your 10-12 minute session leaves you feeling nice and warm and very relaxed.

No, absolutely not! Our ATP bed has zero UV rays and is actually great for your skin. It’s not a tanning bed!

Some pre-existing conditions are contraindicative to light.  Those that have those conditions are usually aware, and we can go over that with you, but we have found that everyone loves the therapy of the ATP bed.

Some individuals come out after one session and feel energized and relaxed or “zen” like. For most, it can take several sessions for the body to begin to repair the damage. Generally, the deeper or longer you have had an injury or condition, the longer it may take to get lasting results. Everyone feels relaxed and warm afterward, especially right after a Cryotherapy session.

The power or energy from the light is absorbed by the mitochondria, which create energy or ATP in the cells.  The increased energy at the cellular level helps the cells to regenerate and heal the oxidative stress suffered by the cells and the mitochondria.  This has a positive effect on the energy, health, life, and regeneration of all cells.

More than 3,000 studies on Photobiomodulation has shown that different colors and intensities of light act much like a multivitamin and affects cells in different ways and depths.  Our ATP bed is the most advanced light bed on the market today and uses five scientifically proven different “red,” “green” and “near infrared” lights at different intensities.  

Yes, actually you can.  There is a diminishing return and even reversal of benefits if you expose yourself to too much light.  We recommend a maximum of three twelve minute sessions per week.

You must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent’s consent to use our ATP light bed.

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