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NanoVi Therapy

NanoVi aids in the repair of everyday cell damage caused by what you breathe, what you eat, and the oxidative stress you are exposed to daily.

If you are currently struggling due to a poor diet, dealing with injury, illness or disease or even exercising frequently, your body creates excess oxidative stress and it’s virtually impossible to keep up. NanoVi’s patented technology duplicates the biological signal your body produces to repair cell damage and oxidative stress brought on by free radicals. These free radicals are also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS. The signal from the NanoVi device augments the ones your body already makes naturally. The problem is, oxidative stress will accumulate if your body does not produce enough of the signal necessary to repair the harm caused by free radicals. Free radicals damage cells every day, there’s no way to avoid it. When the oxidative stress and free radicals get the upper hand, the damaged cells lead to aging and poor health.

Improving Health with NanoVi Therapy

Understanding and combating free radicals and oxidative stress is a great way to increase your vitality, strengthen your immune system and slow the aging process. All cells need to convert glucose and oxygen into energy. This process conversion is called “cell metabolism” and is essential for all cells. Metabolism produces two different kinds of ROS or reactive oxygen species. One is considered bad and the other good. Free radicals that damage your cells are “Bad ROS” and the ones that emit the signal that initiates cell repair is the “Good ROS.” The problem is, the damage always outpaces the repair. We call this the aging and sometimes disease process. Antioxidants can help slow or prevent damage by neutralizing ROS, but they are unable to do anything about repairing cells.

NanoVi Therapy Benefits

  • Protection Against & Repair of Free Radical Damage
  • Addresses Adverse Effects of Aging
  • Balances Immune System Function
  • Utilization of Oxygen & Nutrients
  • Promotes Cellular Activities (Energy Production & Detoxification)

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