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Our team has years of experience helping others regain and rejuvenate their health, fitness, beauty and wellness.

Kevin Booth
Kevin BoothCo-Founder
Former Gym Owner, Personal Fitness Trainer, Competitive Athlete, Certified Level II Pickleball Instructor

Sports and fitness have always been an essential part of Kevin’s life. As a former gym owner and personal trainer, he has extensive knowledge in properly and effectively training individuals to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Over the last 35 years, Kevin has played many racquet sports and have had success in professional racquetball, squash, and now competitive pickleball at the national level. As an athlete, currently in his mid-’50s maintaining good health, Kevin considers reducing inflammation and expediting the recovery process as incredibly important to his longevity as an athlete, business owner, and father to two teenagers. This desire to stay healthy and still compete has been Kevin’s inspiration to design New Life Cryotherapy and Regen.

Shelly Booth
Shelly BoothCo-Founder
BPE (BS Kinesiology), TPI Level 1 Certified, Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Level II Pickleball Instructor

As a lifelong athlete competing at both the college and professional level in Volleyball, Shelly values the importance of an active and balanced lifestyle. She considers family, general health and wellness, exercise, competition, and longevity as essential components of a balanced and happy lifestyle. Being proactive with her health and fitness over the years, instead of just reactive, has allowed Shelly to continually enjoy an active lifestyle as she heads from early to mid-’50s. With the consistent use and resulting benefits of New Life Cryotherapy and Regen treatments, balancing the needs of her family with the desire to maintain good health and compete in her chosen sport is certainly much easier to accomplish and requires little in regards to time commitment.

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