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Discover what our clients have to say about Whole-Body Cryotherapy, its benefits and results.

New Life Cryotherapy and Regen has a variety of clients–from high school to professional athletes and weekend golfers and more. Whole-Body Cryotherapy and the other services we offer provides a long list of benefits. Read the testimonials below of some of our clients who were eager to share their positive experience with this ground-breaking technology. We look forward to your first visit to New Life Cryotherapy and Regen in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Akio M.

“At 51 years old, everything doesn’t heal as quick as it used to and I have constant aches and pains to deal with. The treatments I get at New Life Cryotherapy and Regen have been instrumental in allowing me to give it my all in the gym. The Cryotherapy keeps my inflammation at bay, and the BEMER therapy helps with my circulation to ensure I’m healing where I should be. I’m slowly making it back to how I lifted when I was in my 30’s. It’s a great feeling. Thanks, New Life!”

Christian D.

“I play professional soccer and use New Life Cryotherapy and Regen on the regular to make sure I’m 100% going into every match. It helps me with recovery and maintaining my health so I can perform at the highest level possible. Definitely recommend it for not only athletes but for everyday health as it has tremendous effects on my body. Also, the staff at New Life is top notch!”

Christina M.

“When nothing else worked for my chronic pain, Cryotherapy changed my life! After just five consecutive sessions I had relief from bulging discs and reduced inflammation. The hundreds of calories you burn in a 3-minute session was a major bonus. As a busy mom and businesswoman cryo provided the relief I needed to function in my daily life. No therapy can do what cryo does for you. New Life Cryotherapy and Regen is the best!”

Heidi B.

“I’ve suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis for some time and tried almost everything to ease my constant pain and discomfort. Since coming to New Life, I am finally able to control my pain and I leave feeling energized. I’ve tried so many other therapies, but nothing has given me as much pain relief as Cryotherapy, Infrared, and the other therapies here. It’s cost effective and it works!”

Dr. Eskandari

“I started Cryotherapy last year as it was recommended by one of my friends (who is a plastic surgeon) for reducing inflammation and faster recovery after surgery. I was shivering on my first visit and not sure I wanted to go back, but after a great nights sleep and much less muscle soreness from training, I decided to keep on going. I now visit New Life for 5 or more sessions per month. This is a great investment in your health.”


“I was skeptical about cryotherapy until after a couple sessions, I started feeling less knee pain and experiencing quicker recovery times during and after soccer games. A combination of Cryo, BEMER therapy, and recently light therapy has made such a positive difference in prolonging my ability to play adult soccer with little or no pain!”

Katheryn R.

“I stumbled upon this little miracle a little over a year ago. I saw a flyer for a summer challenge to complete 5 Cryotherapy sessions within 14 days. I thought “sure, why not?” I had no idea how much it would change my life. I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over a year, after Cryo I didn’t need ibuprofen and I would walk around during the day for more than a few hours without pain. I definitely notice a difference in my overall health when I miss a couple weeks of cryo. Cryotherapy has helped with weight loss, sleep, my immune system, increased my energy levels, and puts me in a better mood! As a registered nurse, I have seen the protective benefits that therapeutic hypo-thermia has on patients with cardiac arrest and stroke. I’ve used the science in my career and now I am experiencing the benefits personally. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Whole Body Cryotherapy and I tell everyone I know…you have to try it!”


“Before experiencing Cryotherapy, I was known as The Iceman by my wife. I used to have so many ice packs in the freezer; there was no room for anything else. It was straight to the icebox after my basketball games or tennis matches. Then I heard about Cryotherapy. I’ve been an athlete my entire life with many injuries that unfortunately, required surgery. I’ve always been one to try the latest therapies when it comes to improving my health, and Cryo is one that I will always be thankful for.  I’ve experienced less ankle and lower back pain since I started Cryo a couple of years ago. I also recover quicker from my workouts, with little or no soreness.  Now that I’ve added the Near Infrared light bed to my regimen, my arthritic toe has begun to recover like never before. New Life Cryotherapy and Regen also offers BEMER Therapy that has eliminated my Migraines which I’ve suffered from as a teenager. I was so impressed that over a year ago I purchased my own device.  Besides professional and friendly, the staff at New Life Cryotherapy and Regen is very knowledgeable, and helpful. To great health!”

Jesse O.

“The use of Whole Body Cryotherapy and BEMER therapy lessons my joint pain and helps me to recover faster, which allows me to stay more active and healthier. Additionally, it has allowed me to cut WAY back on my anti-inflammatory and pain meds…a huge bonus!”

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