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WBV Therapy

Get in shape with whole body vibration plates that create high-frequency vibrations, mimicking the effects of conventional exercise minus the exertion.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy plates produce a vibration through which energy is transferred from the platform to your body. Your body automatically adjusts to the vibrations and movements, which forces involuntary stretching, reflex and muscle contraction. This results in muscles contracting 30-50 times per second, which acts as a pump for the blood vessels and lymphatic system increasing the speed of blood flow. Users often experience a tingling, prickling and warming sensation after using the WBV machine.

The Perfect Addition to Your Wellness Program

The use of WBV Therapy machines has minimal loading effect on the body, which means less stress to bones, ligaments, and joints. For this reason, WBVT is suited for those who find it difficult to exercise due to age, disease, disorders, weight or injury. Furthermore, WBVT has been proven in multiple studies to increase bone density and blood circulation. Because of this, New Life Cryotherapy and Regen recommends WBV Therapy for many who visit our wellness center.WBV Therapy is an excellent addition to any therapy here at New Life. It’s fun, easy and a great addition to your visit to New Life. Benefits may include increased circulation, muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, core conditioning and stability, and faster muscle recovery after working out. Studies also indicate benefits include increased bone density, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, enhanced metabolism, human growth hormone level increase, and improved lymphatic flow.

WBV Therapy Benefits

  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Conditions Core and Stability
  • Faster Muscle Recovery Post-Workout
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Reduces Stress Hormone Cortisol
  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Increases Human Growth Hormone Level
  • Improved Lymphatic Flow

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